Reversible installation of water pumping and turbining at Bolueta

Bilbao Bizkaia Water Consortium
2013-2014 |2015-2017
Bizkaia, Spain
Engineering Design
Site supervision
Key disciplines:
Water and Environment
Mechanical and Electrical
Water Supply
Renewal and Upgrade
BIM Modelling

The project consisted of building the masonry and installing the equipment needed for water catchment from the River Nervión in Bolueta, and pumping it to the Venta Alta DWTP to supply drinking water to the metropolitan area of Bilbao in times of drought. In the same location, a turbine was installed to generate power from the surplus flows, in times of heavy rain, from the Undurraga reservoir to Venta Alta. Pumping capacity was 2.00 m3/s at a height of 160 m and the turbine flow is 4.5 m3/s.

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