FYSEG provides engineering, design and consultancy services that have been continuously enriched and redefined throughout our 40+ years in the market to exceed our clients’ expectations.

With current growing market demands, we adapt our services to different regions, clients and specialties.

In general terms we structure our expertise in 4 services: Planning and consultancy, Engineering design, Construction Site Supervision and Support to private companies in their Design and Build, EPC and PPP projects.

Planning and Consultancy

We add value throughout the project life cycle helping clients to configure a global perspective. We understand this solution as a multi-disciplinary and strategic service that covers, among others, Capacity building, Feasibility studies, Economics, Improvement of operation and maintenance, Analysis for upgrades and renewal of existing infrastructures, Environmental impact assessment, Databases and Information Technologies, Research and development, Right of Way, as well as Administrative support.

Engineering Design

We fully support our clients during the design phase and undertake responsibility for all phases of the project, including Technical studies, Conceptual design, Preliminary design, Detailed design and Due diligence. We cover the key disciplines and expertise that each market requires at our 5 core markets in which we are focused (Rail, Motorways and Roads, Water and Environment, Urban Infrastructure, IT and R&D) and other transversal activities such as Bridges, Tunnels, BIM modelling, GIS and Environmental Assessment.

Site supervision

We have an extensive experience in the construction phase, providing a wide portfolio of different works, types, sizes and technical complexities. Our background has been focused, among other services, on Value engineering, Construction site supervision, Construction management, Commissioning and handover, Health and safety and Project Management.

Support to D&B, EPC and PPP

We provide a vast experience in optimizing rail, motorways and water-environment infrastructures, through accelerated time schedules, ensuring our clients quality of work and solutions that are easy to build, operate and maintain. We have helped Private companies, Constructors and Operators to find cost-effective designs and solutions for their Design and Build, EPC and PPP projects. Our clients are private and worldwide recognized contractors and operators.