A-8 Highway. Third Lanes

Vizcaya, Spain
Engineering Design
Site supervision
Key disciplines:
Motorways and Roads
Highway Engineering
Renewal and Upgrade

We have developed various construction designs for adding a third lane to the A-8 toll motorway, between the Basauri Interchange and the lurreta Toll Plaza and the Txorierri Corridor motorway between Larrondo and Derio. In the case of the A-8, the route, somewhat less than 25 kilometres in length, was divided into five projects that included definition of the third lanes and the adaptation of all the existing features of the motorway to the new situation, structures, viaducts, overpasses and underpasses, drainage, etc.

In the case of the Txorierri corridor the route was nearly 3 kilometres in length and was divided into two projects, one for the left roadway and the other for the right, and the scope was similar to that of the A-8. Subsequently we performed site management for some of the planned sections on both the A-8 and the Txorierri Corridor. In A-8, the Boroa-Larrea and Etxano-Montorra sections, with a length of 2.6 km, included construction of four new structures, extension of five existing ones and the demolition of an overpass.

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