Chonta Multipurpose project, Peru

Engineering Design
Support to D&B, EPC and PPP
Key disciplines:
Water and Environment
Dam Design
Flood Engineering
Hydrology and Hydraulic
Irrigation Systems
Mechanical and Electrical
O&M Manuals
Open Canals
Sewage Network
Water Process and Treatment
Water Supply

For a long time, the population of the region of Cajamarca has needed the building of a dam in the Chonta river with the aim of improving the regulation of the irrigation system of this area of 6.531ha of surface. Because of that, Proinversion (the Public Body of Peru that is in charge of the PPP procurements) is interested in considering the launch of this multi‐purpose project. Our participation was focused on the study of alternatives and engineering design to support a contractor and operator.

The maximum height of Chonta Dam is 77‐87m, 243‐445m long and 31.81‐ 45.31Hm3 of reservoir volume. The main canal network includes 50.36km of extension (33km open pit, 9km in syphon, 8km in pipes, 0.6 km in tunnel) plus modernization of 15.3km, secondary network includes the modernization of 108km open‐pit canals and extension of 57.9km in pressure piping and the Operation & Maintenance design for the system operation. In addition to the main objective of this project, the scope also includes supply and sewage infrastructure for the 2 most populated cities in the area (Cajamarca and Baños de Inca 269,279 inhabitants and sewage network, including 6 main pipes of a total length of 25.72km) as well as treatment plant (estimated flow of 481.58 – 749.59 l/sec).

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