Flood Protection in Bajo Almanzora

Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment
Engineering Design
Key disciplines:
Water and Environment
Flood Engineering
Hydrology and Hydraulic
Mechanical and Electrical
Renewal and Upgrade
Risk and Safety

Following the effects of the heavy flooding of the “Bajo Almanzora” desalinization plant caused in September 2012, the purpose of this project is to perform detailed design services to improve the flood protection of this facility. Many different studies were carried out and finally the solutions chosen were: enlargement of Canalejas watercourse capacity by modifying the cross section avoiding flooding, improvement of the access road slope by using geotextile and by rip‐rap along the road slope, an overpass over “Canalejas” watercourse (4 spans precast bridge, 33m each), heightening the border of the plot of the desalination plant, 13 drainage works (diameter 1000‐1200 mm and flow 2.17‐8.37 m3/s) in order to lead the storm water to Almanzora river or Canalejas watercourse, a pump station with 5 submersible pumps (2.100l/s each) and a drainage trench.

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