Road Safety Plans in Aragon

Ministry of Public Works
2001-2003 y 2006-2008
Aragón, Spain
Planning and Consultancy
Engineering Design
Key disciplines:
Motorways and Roads
Road Engineering
Road Networks
Traffic Studies
Renewal and Upgrade
Risk and Safety
GIS and Databases

Two framework contracts were undertaken for the National Roads Authority in Aragon, involving drafting of road safety studies and designs, structured into six chapters:

1) Analysis of accidents over a 5-year period.

2) Detailed study of improvements and adaptations to be made.

3) Study and report on all fatal accidents in the road network.

4) Specific road safety studies.

5) Monitoring and assessment of actions carried out.

6) Improvement in computerised management in provincial units.

Key features included creating designs (footbridges, roundabouts, and overpasses), a plan for barriers and a plan for protecting motor-cyclists.

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