Territorial Road Network Plan for Bizkaia

Provincial Government of Bizkaia.
Vizcaya, Spain
Planning and Consultancy
Engineering Design
Key disciplines:
Motorways and Roads
Arterial Highways
Highway Engineering
Road Engineering
Road Networks
Traffic Studies
Renewal and Upgrade
Risk and Safety
BIM Modelling

The Territorial Sector Plan (TSP) is the planning instrument that sets out the provisions, objectives, priorities and improvements to be introduced in the road network. The TSP 2 for Roads for Bizkaia must: be based on TSP 1, reviewing its criteria and objectives, assessing its compliance and considering any planned actions that have not been addressed; incorporate new criteria, objectives, regulations and laws that have been updated in recent years; coordinate with other planning elements that may have an influence; adapt its solutions to the current economic and social situation, and to future development scenarios in its 12-year period; contain a programme of actions and investments for the proposed solutions; contain planning and organization for its own monitoring, control and management.

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