La Peña Dam, Emergency Action Planning

Sindicato de Riegos del Pantano de La Peña
Huesca, Spain
Planning and Consultancy
Engineering Design
Key disciplines:
Water and Environment
Dam Design
Flood Engineering
Hydrology and Hydraulic
Mechanical and Electrical
O&M Manuals
Risk and Safety

We developed a document that identifies potential emergency conditions at a dam and specifies actions to be followed to minimize loss of life and property damage. The document includes:

Actions the dam owner will take to moderate or alleviate a problem at the dam

Actions the dam owner will take, and in coordination with emergency management authorities, to respond to incidents or emergencies related to the dam

Procedures dam owners will follow to issue early warning and notification messages to responsible downstream emergency management authorities

Inundation maps to help dam owners and emergency management authorities identify critical infrastructure and population-at-risk sites that may require protective measures, warning, and evacuation planning

Delineation of the responsibilities of all those involved in managing an incident or emergency and how the responsibilities should be coordinated.

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