Urdaibai territorial sewerage action plan

Busturialdea Water Consortium
Bizkaia, Spain
Planning and Consultancy
Engineering Design
Key disciplines:
Water and Environment
EU Directives
Hydrology and Hydraulic
Mechanical and Electrical
Sewage Network
Sludge Treatment
Water Process and Treatment
Renewal and Upgrade

The work included writing up the Alternatives Study, Preliminary Design and Urdaibai Territorial Sewerage Action Plan, containing the operating plans and integrated programmes for collectors on the left bank of the Urdaibai (Oka) estuary, including the general interceptor and secondary collectors for collecting discharges from existing networks and thus incorporate the intercepted waste water into the future WWTP at Lamiaren-Aranburu. The general interceptor, which will serve a population of 39,252 in 7 municipalities, has a total length of 17.5 km, and includes a 2.6 km tunnelled section and a circular cross-section 3.50 m in diameter. The projects developed as part of the construction design correspond to the Muxika-Gernika and Gernika-Busturia sections. The purpose is to define the Mundaka Estuary Collector in these sections, also including various collectors and secondary branches and eight pumping stations.

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