DWTP Ponferrada

Aguas de las Cuencas del Norte, S.A. Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Spain
León, Spain
Engineering Design
Key disciplines:
Water and Environment
Hydrology and Hydraulic
Mechanical and Electrical
Water Process and Treatment
Water Supply
Renewal and Upgrade

We have performed the study of alternatives and a preliminary project for enlargement and improvement of the DWTP for the association of municipalities of the Ponferrada region. Two possible site alternatives and 16 process alternatives were studied for each site. A multi-criterion analysis was carried out based on environmental criteria, economic criteria and criteria of technical viability, and the alternatives were compared using the Pattern method.

The solution finally adopted consisted of pre-oxidation treatment, coagulation, flocculation, settling, filtering, adsorption (dosing of powdered activated carbon) and disinfection for the water line. For the sludge line a centrifugal dehydration solution was developed. The plant was designed for a flow of 312 l/s and will provide service to a population of 38,268.

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