Studies of framework directive on water for the Northern River Basin

Confederación Hidrográfica del Norte Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Spain
Galicia-Asturias-Cantabria-Basque Country, Spain
Planning and Consultancy
Key disciplines:
Water and Environment
EU Directives
Hydrology and Hydraulic
GIS and Databases

The preliminary studies included work related to Article 5 of the directive, involving characteristics of bodies of water, register of protected areas and economic analysis of water use, concluding with drawing up of reports and files to be submitted to Brussels in December 2005.

In the review of the environmental impact of human activity on the condition of surface waters an additional characterisation of bodies of water at risk under study was made to complete and improve the inventory of pressures associated with each mass, and thus to improve the design of the measurements programme. Concise measures were proposed for managing publicly-owned water reserves so that bodies of water classified as being at risk can meet the environmental targets set out in the Framework Water Directive

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