Oviedo WWTP

Acuaes – Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment
Oviedo (Asturias), Spain
Site supervision
Key disciplines:
Water and Environment
Mechanical and Electrical
O&M Manuals
Sludge Treatment
Water Process and Treatment
Renewal and Upgrade
BIM Modelling

Site direction of the two WEWTPs of the city of Oviedo, San Claudio and Villaperez.

The WWTP of San Claudio has a capacity exceeding 150,000 equivalent inhabitants, being the daily average flows of 799 m3/h in the current situation and of 1,112 m3/h in a future one. The phases in which the work is performed are three: construction and operation tests of the “priority works” (six months), construction of the expansion of the WWTP, operating tests and commissioning of the WWTP. The expansion of the WWTP of Villapérez will result in a treatment capacity of 1,000,000 equivalent inhabitants, being the daily average flows of 5,772 m3/h in current situation and of 7,056 m3/h in a future one. To implement this expansion of the Villapérez WWTP, the available space has not been a determining factor, because there is enough space reserved in the present place where the major processes of the expansion can be located, such as tertiary treatment, pretreatment or treatment of storm water.

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