Flood defence in the urban centres of the Nervion

Basque Government
Basque Country, Spain
Planning and Consultancy
Engineering Design
Key disciplines:
Water and Environment
Flood Engineering
Hydrology and Hydraulic
Risk and Safety

The purpose was to analyse the different flood levels in urban nuclei throughout the Nervión river basin. The project was performed in two phases. First a hydrological study of the rivers and streams of the Nervión basin was carried out, including each of the component sub-basins and inter-basins. This provided the flows corresponding to 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 and 500- year flooding events. In the second phase, a hydraulic study was made for 13 different urban nuclei in the Nervión basin, using the HEC-RAS computer model. The models were calibrated against real data, essentially from the floods of August 1983.

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