Reservoirs and sewage at the Formigal ski resort

Formigal, Spain
Engineering Design
Site supervision
Key disciplines:
Water and Environment
Hydrology and Hydraulic
Mechanical and Electrical
Sewage Network
Water Process and Treatment

7 designs were drawn up for different installations at the Ski Resort. In the areas of Anayet and Portalet, designs were drawn up for the two water catchment systems for artificial snow and for two reservoirs of 59,420 m3in Portalet and 43,951 m3. Scope includes: service area of Portalet (catchment of drinking water, tank, distribution and sewerage networks and treatment plant), service area of Anayet (tank, distribution and sanitation networks and treatment plant), Formigal housing development (drinking water catchment in the cable-car service area, distribution pipes, tank and sewerage network linked to the network, pumping station). Also included are two industrial buildings to house the elements and accessories for manufacturing artificial snow in Anayet and Portalet.

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