A-23 Mudéjar Highway. Section: Escandón-Teruel (North)

Ministry of Public Works
Teruel (Spain)
Engineering Design
Key disciplines:
Motorways and Roads
Highway Engineering

Mudéjar Highway A-23 connects Levante coast and the North of Spain by a high-capacity road. This section Escandón -Teruel (North) represented the opening of 16,625 km of highway in the province of Teruel. Four viaducts have been built with maximum span of 52 m and total length between 221m and 328m with piles up to 45 meters high. Scope also included three interchanges, 29 roads, 5 overpasses and 15 underpasses, as well as branch roads and railway crossings. Besides, some systems have been included in order to improve roadways during the winter. Also, some parking areas have been included in the core area and branches and lighting in the connections of N-420 highway and North by-pass.

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