A-2 Highway, support to Operation and Maintenance

Ministry of Public Works
2008-2012 | 2014-En ejecución
Aragon, Castilla-La Mancha and Castilla-León, Spain
Site supervision
Key disciplines:
Motorways and Roads
Highway Engineering

The contract includes consultancy and technical assistance for inspection of the public works concession contract for conservation and operation of the A-2 highway. First, we covered the Calatayud-Alfajarín stretch and secondly the Calatayud to the limit of Soria and Guadalajara provinces.

In the first section, Calatayud-Alfajarín, between K.P. 232.80 and 340.00, between the towns of Calatayud and Alfajarín, the scope includes support and supervision to the engineering design, construction, rehabilitation, operation and conservation of the highway for modernisation. Seven structures were built, 10 were enlarged, 6 decks were raised to extend clearance and 107 were rehabilitated. Embankments were reformed, the tunnels of Morata were rehabilitated, parapets were adapted in 39 structures and signalling, beaconing and guards were renovated. Apart from the earth moving, base and sub-base, 430,000 mt of asphalt agglomerate was used in the rehabilitation of road surfaces and 522,000 in new roadways. During the operating phase, support was provided to the Inspecting Engineer, mainly in supervision of certification, compliance with the maintenance and conservation programme, conservation management system and identification of the status and service quality indicators.

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