A-12 Pamplona-Estella-Logroño Highway

Government of Navarra
Navarra and La Rioja, Spain
Engineering Design
Site supervision
Key disciplines:
Motorways and Roads
Highway Engineering
Road Engineering
Renewal and Upgrade

This infrastructure is a main communication axis for the region. The infrastructure is 70.3 km in length (57 km of newly created route and 13.3 km of widened road) with more than 20 junctions and conditioning of 100 km of local roads. During the initial phase, three contracts for detailed design were executed: Puente La Reina bypass, Zizur-Puente La Reina and Puente La Reina-Estella Bypass.

During the second phase, we subsequently performed site supervision of the public work concession contract for construction, conservation and operation of the infrastructure, including the Pamplona-Estella and Estella-Logroño sections. Construction began in November 2002 and was completed in under four years, 7 months ahead of schedule. The key structures were the two tunnels through “Sierra del Perdón” (1,050 m) and the bridge over the River Arga in Puente la Reina.

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