FYSEG’s role in the Aulesti WWTP, improving the sanitation of the Lea River

Currently, in the center of Aulesti, there is a network of sewers that ends in two septic tanks that have a deficient purification capacity and that pour directly into the Lea River, classified as Special Preservation Area, not adapting to the current needs for the discharge to the river bed.

For this reason, a sanitation system is being built, consisting, basically, of: a wastewater pumping station, with a general gravity sewer, mostly made as a trench except for the connection section with the pumping that is executed by driving directed through the Lea River. It also includes a drive pipeline from the wastewater pumping station to a breakbulk; a gravity sewer to the WWTP which has been designed to treat wastewater from a population of 400 inhabitants-equivalent in the current situation and 700 inhabitants-equivalent in the future.

The WWTP will treat properly the flows received up to the point that allows its discharge to the river bed meeting all the technical and environmental requirements.

For this reason, a WWTP has been built, which has the following equipment. At the arrival of the flows, a compact pre-treatment equipment will be available to eliminate thick materials as well as sand and grease. From this equipment, the water is directed to a homogenization tank that has two lines to allow a better operation in which the waters are mixed by transferring a certain flow to the wastewater system that is composed of two biofilters (three in the future). The water of the biofilters is transferred to the two secondary silt basins. The water clarified here is poured, once treated, into the Lea River.

The wastewater treatment plant, as well as the pumping one, also counts with technical equipment for water treatment with a deodorizing system that, being covered at its main points, will avoid odors and discomfort. It will also have the electrical equipment and remote command and control. It should be noted that the treatment plant is located inside a 24x12m building with wooden cover and enclosure that collects the equipment that requires it.

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Aulesti Brochure November 2017