FYSEG in CivilDron18

Among the conferences within the applications area on January 25th 2018, our company presented the works carried out using geomatics engineering technology in the two dams located in the province of Guadalajara, managed by the Tagus Hydrographic Association. In these infrastructures the morphology and geometry were verified in order to analyze its hydraulic behavior within the new regulatory framework to which they are subjected. After obtaining the digital twins, we proceeded to its geometrization process and sending the information to the CEDEX Hydraulics Laboratory for making the studies in a reduced model.


El Atance

Our presentation focused on the new process to create the identification, analysis and geometrization in this kind of facilities. The information available arose from the drawings of the detailed design and not of the end of the works, as would have been desired.

For this, several drone flights were made, supported by classic topography, until obtaining an accurate point cloud.

The motivation of this study is determined by the uncertainty of its ability to operate since, on the one hand, there are only a few times that in real conditions there are discharges by the spillway, the bottom drain opening has only been carried out at low reservoir level. On the other hand, the theorical calculation creates uncertainty on the sufficiency of the basin.

After a documentation and field review and the construction of a new model at 1:50 scale, it is verified in the laboratory that the performance of the basin is acceptable for discharges by spilway in extreme floods and not for discharges using the bottom drains.

After obtaining the diagnosis of the situation, an expansion solution of the basin is designed with a new additional length of 25 m, and intermediate tooth and the extension of side walls of both margins.

At the end we performed the geometrization of the facility obtaining the necessary drawings for achieving a correct morphologic definition.

We also obtained images of great value in order to be able to carry out an in-depth inspection of their walls.