Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and FYSEG’s Code of Conduct


The Board of Directors of FYSEG formulates the General Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, entrusting the Company’s Management with its proper deployment and implementation through different Policies and Codes of Conduct.

The principles of corporate social responsibility cover all matters related to human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption; explicitly accept the principles of the United Nations Global Compact, and inspire FYSEG’s code of conduct.

These principles are the following:

  • Express acceptance, support and promotion of human rights within our field of influence.
  • Strict commitment to comply with legal, regulatory or voluntarily acquired requirements at all levels of activity of the company such as; technical-productive, financial-accounting, tax, health and safety, data protection, …
  • Equality of internal treatment for all workers and non-discrimination in employment of any kind for reasons of gender, family condition, sexual orientation, politics, affiliation, religion, etc.
  • Active positioning against violence, discrimination or abuse, in any of its physical and psychological forms and promotion of the appropriate measures so that in FYSEG any conflict related to these issues is treated quickly ensuring an adequate solution that protects the victim properly.
  • Express waiver to the use of any illegal, corrupt or unethical means when it comes to workload, carrying out our projects or technical advice and / or billing our services.
  • Express resignation to any commercial dealings with organizations that violate human rights, use child or forced labor.
  • Respect, promotion and monitoring the safety and health of the company’s workers.
  • Promotion of sustainability and respect for the environment, in its two aspects: on the one hand, in the direct impact generated in our daily activity as a company; on the other hand, in the indirect impact that could be produced in the environment by projects carried out for third parties.
  • Performance of our technical services with scrupulous respect, both complying with the requirements of the client and the legal and regulatory ones.
  • Proposed solutions to our clients respecting honesty and integrity and based 100% on justified technical criteria, regardless of suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Commitment to the quality of our services ensuring that they are adequate to the needs of our customers and the needs of the technical operation.
  • Commitment to innovation as a fundamental part of the company’s service philosophy.
  • Promotion of flexibility of schedules that allows an adequate work and family conciliation.

February 2018