Architects award the works of the WWTP in Lagares (Vigo)

Diario Atlántico 10/10/2017

The delegations of the Architects Association of Vigo, Ourense and Pontevedra decided to award the work of the WWTP in Lagares with one of the “Gran de Área de Aportación á Arquitectura 2017”.

These awards celebrate their 17th edition and will be conferred on October 20th at the Ourense Lyceum. This year 58 projects were submitted; 21 of them correspond to proposals implemented in the demarcation of Vigo; 19 to the territory of the Pontevedra delegation and 18 in Ourense. The organizers highlighted the high level of the candidates and affirmed that “they respond to the needs of society and reflect the commitment of the authors and other agents involved in the construction process with responsible architecture.”


The developer of the plant and the new marine outfall is the public company Aguas de las Cuencas de España (Acuaes) which reports to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment. The project chosen to design the new station has Galician signature: it is the work of a studio based in Calle del Príncipe, where the architects Perfecto Cendón and Javier Vázquez work. Its main objective when addressing this architectural intervention was twofold: the integration of this infrastructure in the Lagares wetland and to achieve an image of contemporary industry.


The WWTP plays the role of transition between the Lagares marsh, the industrial settlement of Ricardo Mella, the settlement of single-family homes and the proximity of Samil beach.

The distribution of volumes and heights is gradual, from the buried buildings situated in the area close to the marsh to the buildings of greater height that are in front of the industrial space of Ricardo Mella.


The constructor has been the joint venture formed by GS Inima, OHL, Isolux and Corsán, and the site supervision by ACUAES was in charge of Carlos Fernández Casanova with the technical assistance of the joint venture FULCRUM (FYSEG) -GOC SA).

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